Incredible Wash Down System - Jabsco HotShot

Incredible Wash Down System - Jabsco HotShot

Have you caught yourself dipping your scrub brush in the water and wishing you had direct water pressure to clean off the fish blood or sand? Having a water wash down system on any boat should be a mandatory accessory, especially if you fish. The Jabsco HotShot is the update to the Par-Max system. I recently installed the HD6 pump system and so glad that I did. At 6 gallons per minute and 70psi you will no be disappointed. No more sandy, muddy, or bloody decks. If you wonder if it is designed for salt water, the answer is YES!

Years of clean decks and satisfaction in the form of robust and reliable high-flow and high-pressure diaphragm pumps. The Jabsco legacy of exceptional products continues with this updated and improved lineup of washdown pumps and kits. 

HD (Heavy Duty) models include a wider diameter motor with a powder coated shell, cast aluminum end bells and lower housing to improve pressure capability and life. 

Standard models provide exceptional performance in an economical footprint. A plastic housing protects the motors from corrosion. 

Check out my favorite model here!

Jabsco HotShot Brochure