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ProSportHD 20 Plus Gen 4 - 20 Amp - 3 Bank Battery Charger

This 3 bank battery charger is just the perfect add on for this time of year. While your boat is just sitting around and not in use, don't let those batteries just drain away. Keeping your batteries fully charged gives you the peace of mind that your boat will be ready to go when you are.  ProSportHD Generation 4 boasts a tri-surface heatsink design. This heavy-duty lightweight design delivers significantly faster charging through optimal cooling, while delivering true rated amp output during charge mode.  ProSportHD's enhanced microprocessor and software provides digital features including: fuel gauge style Charge Completion Monitor, Charge Mode, individual Fault indicators and three digitally selectable performance charge profiles for Flooded (lead acid), AGM and GEL batteries. HP...

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